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Call us at 720-672-0239 Call us at 720-672-0239

Staffing Solutions & Fleet Outsourcing Services

Clients who desire a dedicated delivery resource specifically trained to incorporate the Client’s existing operating model our Staffing Solutions & Fleet Outsourcing Services solution is the answer. Whether the deliveries are local or regional, scheduled routes, floating routes or on demand deliveries, our professional drivers can accommodate each Client’s needs and desires. We can replace or compliment your current driver fleet and quickly become part of your team.

Solution Features

  • We can provide experienced and professional drivers dedicated to the individual Client who are passionate about their job and treat each Client’s customer with dignity and respect.
  • We or our driver will provide the delivery vehicle and communications equipment.
  • We or our driver will bear the vehicle operating expenses, insurance, fuel and repairs
  • We will train our drivers to incorporate each Client’s specific needs to meet their operating model.
  • We will manage the human resources function of the supplied driver fleet, whether 1 driver or 50.
  • At your option we can provide you with Elite ExtraTM, the latest state of the art web-based technology, which allows our Clients and their customers access to real time information. In addition, operational reporting provides our Clients with the tools necessary to measure performance and create efficiencies.

Solution Benefits

  • Appearance of being in-house while eliminating the aggravation of managing the logistics aspect of the operations.
  • The drivers provided can be adjusted to meet seasonal peaks and valleys of the Client’s business, thereby providing cost efficiencies.
  • Our outsourced driver solution will eliminate:
    • Vehicle expenses
    • Employee benefits
    • Accident claims
    • Payroll/payroll taxes
    • Insurance premiums
    • Unemployment insurance
    • Employee turnover
    • Workers compensation insurance
    • Absenteeism
    • Vacation pay
    • Training

Our Staffing Solutions & Fleet Outsourcing Services provides a fully integrated solution which provides a superior quality service level and Client customer experience.

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